Parish Mission Planning 

In 2018, the Diocese of Green Bay embarked on an initiative to revitalize and invigorate the vitality of parishes in our diocese. They named these efforts Parish Mission Planning.

It was established that over the course of the following two years, all 157 parishes in the Diocese of Green Bay would participate in this process. Our parishes began this process in the autumn of 2018.

The core focus of this process for our parishes is to ask ourselves, “Who do we need to become and what do we need to do to serve the needs of person whom we encounter in our community?”

With this being our goal, representatives from all three parishes joined parish staff members and Fr. Lukee Villaluz over the course of six gatherings to reflect more about who we are, and who we are called to be for others. The following goal statements are the fruits of these gatherings, and over the course of the next 18 to 24 months we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us as we work together to help make them realities.

We ask you to reflect as you read this plan here, consider how God is calling you to be part of these efforts, and then contact us using the form below to share with us your insights about them or if you would be interested in anything connected to their implementation.

Regardless of your commitments connected to this, we ask that you would please keep these efforts in your regular prayers - That we would respond to Jesus’ love fully, and freely share that love throughout our local communities to whom we are called to serve and make a positive impact upon every day.

Parish Mission Planning Goal Statements

Finalized by the interpaRish parish MISSION planning team on january 3, 2019

1. Develop and promote a unified mission and vision statement focused on missionary discipleship.

a. Develop a mission and vision statement.

b. Share this mission and vision statement with the 5,679 people who are our neighbors (mission field) through a direct mailing which also invites them to targeted parish events.

c. Sponsor two speaker-based events to learn and share missionary discipleship with one being focused on strengthening youth and family discipleship.


2. Develop three to four new community-wide, Christ-centered prayer initiatives over the next twelve to eighteen months.

a. Host initial three-parish-wide offering of Alpha, a small group faith series. This includes a group meal, short video and in-depth group discussion. This is currently being offered by dozens of parishes throughout the diocese.

b. Startup weekly prayer, music & joy-sharing group visits to local nursing homes and to the homebound.

c. Establish prayer shawl and encouragement ministry

d. Evaluate feasibility of establishing a pastor-led prayer network using modern-day means of communication

3. Establish a unified health and well-being ministry open to all.

a. Establish inter-parish ministry team composed of parishioners committed to helping all people in our community improve their personal health and well-being.

b. Start a Light Weigh One King (or similar) three-parish wellness small group with materials that have been used in Catholic parishes nationwide. All people in our mission field will be welcome to attend.

c. Host new Fun ‘n Lively Activity Days


4. Invite all people into deeper relationship with Jesus through a culture of intentional hospitality and relationship-building.

a. Establish inter-parish hospitality ministry team. Intentional hospitality is creating a new way and culture within our parishes to share Jesus by welcoming others.

b. Contract for one year with Ministry Blueprints, a national Catholic church support organization committed to establishing new hospitality ministries within parishes

c. Start Pay-It-Forward Potluck events, similar to what is being done in other parishes. Pay-It-Forward Potlucks will be social opportunities for a small number of individuals and families to gather for a meal with our pastor and other parishioners.  Then, they will “pay it forward” to another group gathering for a future meal.


5. Establish and promote collaborative leadership that serves every person in our combined mission field.

a. Establish an inter-parish leadership and leadership development team. The need for developing future leaders and strengthening current leaders in our parishes is critical for continued growth. 

b. Host a spiritual gifts Workshop retreat, coupled with the follow up small group experience. This Workshop is an opportunity for individuals to discover, better understand and use their personal god given spiritual gifts. 


We’re Listening

Whether you’d like to share any insights that you might have about these goals or get more involved in their implementation, please let us know here. Please note that we take very seriously every note we receive and will do our best to respond to what it has to say, both in our actions, and if needed, our response to you directly. That’s you for your care, time and consideration in reaching out to us. God bless!

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Because the parish, through its pastor and members, is typically the first contact that returning Catholics have with the institutional Church, ‘It is the responsibility of both pastors and laity to ensure that those doors are always open.’ Evangelization must remain rooted in the parish. It is in the parish that one becomes engaged with the Church community, learns how to become a disciple of Christ, is nurtured by Scripture, is nourished by the sacraments, and ultimately becomes an evangelizer.
— Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization by the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis United States Conference of Catholic bishops